Cyber Booked: 5 Cybersecurity authors in the spotlights

Cyber Booked: 5 Cybersecurity authors in the spotlights

the Dutch Chapters of ISACA hosted a successful fully booked First Edition of Cyber Booked, a unique event showcasing predominantly Dutch authors of Cybersecurity books. The turnout was great, and everybody was excited to learn from the authors!

By Mirjam Moerkamp and Barry Derksen

This First Edition featured Bart de Best (Continuous Security), Bram de Bruijn (Security Innovation Stories), Brenno de Winter (Survival Gids voor de Digitale Jungle), Chris van ‘t Hof (Helpende Hackers and Cyberellende was nog nooit zo leuk) and Tiago Teles (Emerging Tech, Emerging Threats).

In parallel sessions, Bart and Tiago kicked-off the presentations. Bart discussed his book in the context of the 15 books of his Continuous Everything suite. In his presentation he addressed the questions: how can you integrate continuous security in your DevOps way of working (WoW) and how does continuous security keep an organization in control?

According to Bart, to integrate security into the DevOps way of working, we need to transform the Information Security Management System (ISMS) into an Information Security Value System (ISVS). Continuous security, once integrated into the DevOps way of working, increases the security control frequency and shortens the time to market through increased deployment frequency. It also supports control by design ensuring controls are built in to mitigate risks supporting the automation of evidence enabling continuous monitoring and auditing. Bart extensively described a lot of variables concerning continuous security within the DevOps cycle. Security architecture principles, security practices, governance and continual improvement are important for the integration into DevOps WoW as discussed by Bart during the presentation (see picture below).